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A Message from Magdalene

The point is to get our bodies into resonance with one another, listen, and pay attention to what we hear and feel. To “tap into” the other person, care about them as yourself, open your heart and be vulnerable. Heal one another.

That’s where Paul got it wrong; he messed up Yeshua’s message because he couldn’t feel it—he tried to figure it out. Conceptualize and productize it. When Yeshua said “Here is my body; eat and drink”—that’s erotic. That’s sharing the most intimate thing we can with another person; our bodies.

That’s why rape is so fucking awful. Because we use our bodies to wound one another instead of resonating and healing. Instead of feasting.

Yeshua’s sacrifice wasn’t about cannibalism, literal or figurative. It was about intimacy. Physical intimacy. Be intimate with one another, explore and resonate with and listen to one another so that you can learn to listen to your Self.

Paul could never sell that because he couldn’t feel it. So he warped it when he wrote it down. Twisted it to remove the feminine and impose the masculine.

I am the Hierophant Reversed. I reject the narrow, misogynistic, body-hating lessons of the Church and its popes. I speak for deep intimacy and knowing our bodies. Every part. Every pattern and persona. In community.